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Business Planning Service

Of interest to Solicitors, Accountants, IFA's and Property/Business Owners

With the far more liquid financial and property market environment brought about in recent times, it is now far easier for Businesses and Business owners to review their assets, business and also their personal plans and aspirations in order to be more creative and raise finances.


This may be to either enable further investment, distribution of capital or simply to pay down debt.


Also many business owners may be looking to realise assets in order to pave the way for business transfer, be it to a third party or within the family or as a pre-cursor to retirement and taking the taxation benefits available to business owners.


It is therefore more crucial than ever at these times to understand exactly what property assets are owned, what they might realise and what mechanisms might be open to a business and its owners to realise capital.

Getting such business strategy and planning right is fundamental to ensuring that the correct decisions are made in an informed and timely fashion at such a crucial crossroads in the life of any business.


Boros CRE works with businesses, their owners and other trusted professional advisors to ensure that the optimum strategic approach is chosen from the numerous options that might be available enabling viable and optimum selection of the way forwards be it a business sale, raising of capital for injection, a asset sale or sale and leaseback transaction releasing much needed capital for whatever end purpose it may be required.


Our sevices include:

  • Reviewing Business Performance

  • Reviewing Asset Values

  • Current level of Borrowings

  • The plans of both the business and its owners both short and medium term

  • Designing the optimum property based solution to the benefit of both the business and its owners

  • Viability review

  • Implementation (if required).


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