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Welcome to Boros CRE

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How We Operate?

 I generally work in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Office occupiers and development and investment opportunities

  • Land and Planning/Development in all of its guises incl ‘brownfield’ and site / value improvement.

  • Residential development and  investment 

  • Hotels


What we do?

A. If asked to get involved with a new client who wants to take an overview of their accommodation and that has a portfolio of premises, a typical process that we might  follow is a high level review with the client over his business plans, business objectives and drivers, and some discussion over his perception of the property portfolio and what issues they believe they might be facing, or what specific objectives they might have in mind.


This could often relate to:


a. Specific premises eg a financial issue such as a rent review, lease renewal or lease re-gear;


b. Combining or rationalising sites;



c. A new more efficient network such as a hub and spoke arrangement, or


d. Simply expanding or downsizing in the most cost effective manner including changes in working practices such as flexible and home working thereby reducing the space needed per head.



2.. Portfolio Audit. What is owned how it is held, how well/efficiently it is occupied, what are the total costs of occupancy (TOC) and how does this break back to a common denominator eg a rate per sq foot or metre, or a cost per occupying employee.


3. The audit and analysis (if necessary) may then be followed by a further review of findings with the Senior Management to identify, and briefly review a range of options that may be available to improve the financial, operational and efficiency profile of the portfolio>. This is accompanied by the likely high level impacts, consequences costs, benefits and savings from so doing


4. A shortlist or single route forwards may be then identified and this will be taken forward, budget costed and programmed at a high level and presented with the other alternatives including ‘do nothing’ to the Management Team; Board of Directors, or whomever would take the final decisions.


5. If approved, the plan would be costed in more detail, key milestones and decision points identified, to include the programme, dependencies and risk profile, at which point one would generally move to a final approval or sign off process


6. A project implementation plan and programme is then initiated and the plan implemented utilising the resources identified.


B. Alternatively we may be asked to help with an existing and known challenge or issue. The type of situations might be:-

1. Owner/Occupier sees local possible redevelopment opportunity and wants to investigate possibility of participating with own premises


2. Client is looking to buy or sell a business and needs help with property aspects eg quick and dirty review of assets…or preparation of property dossier on assets to be included in sale/purchase either in hard copy or digitally for a digital data room.


3. How can a business owner use his offices more cost effectively and increase utilisation per employee by ‘re stacking’ the office to better support flexible working methods and desk sharing, so reducing the footprint utilised by each employee or increasing the number of employees without increasing total space needed.


4. Business as Usual issues such as break clauses, rent reviews, Lease renegotiations, releasing capital from freehold sites etc.


5. Combining multiple locations into a single operation


6. Relocations and acquiring new premises


7. Feasibility studies for building premises


8. Procurement of new build premises both freehold or leasehold


9. Dealing with conflicts and resolving problems with Landlords


10. Real Estate trouble shooting


11. Raising Property Finance & Sale and Leasebacks


12. Procuring other property services and integrating into the package/managing the providers services and performance on behalf of the client




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